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          Events Retrospect

                  Since put into use in May 2010, FSICEC has successfully hosted many large and high-level exhibitions and won wide attention and praise at home and abroad.

                  The main events ever held: China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair (CSTPF), The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Exposition and The Cross-Strait Fair for Economy and Trade, APEC Small & Medium Enterprises Technology Conference and Fair, China International Medical Equipment Fair (Fall), China Candy and Liquor Trade Fair, China Sport Show, China Agricultural Products Trade Fair, China Educational Equipment & Instrument Exhibition, China Shop, China Surveying Instrument Expo, China Millions Forum (CMF), Chinese Medical Association Professional Conference, International Conference of Businessmen of Fujian Origin, China Fuzhou International Automobile Exposition, Fuzhou International Boat Show, Strait Seafood Expo, China (Fuzhou) Home Building Materials Expo, etc.

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