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          About Fuzhou City

                  Fuzhou City, nicknamed as RongCheng, “Rong” in short, is the provincial capital of Fujian province, financial center of the west side of the Straits, National Civilized City, one of the best commercial city on Forbes List, and the political, cultural and scientific research center of Fujian Province. It’s located in the east of Fujian province, including 5 districts, 2 cities and 6 counties. The population of permanent residents is more than 7.34 million. There are nearly 100 star-rated hotels with 100,000 beds to stay in.

                  Fuzhou city is one of the first 14 costal port cities since May 1984, the first largest city in Fujian province, also the provincial capital closest to Taiwan from mainland.

                  Due to the rapid and sustained development, perfect facilities and beautiful environment, Fuzhou city has become the fastest developed provincial capital of China. In September 2015, Fuzhou new district approved to set up. This will speed up the economic and social development of Fuzhou, and deeply promote the exchanges and cooperation across the Taiwan straits.

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