Lady Gaga opens MMVAs after surprise guest Justin Bieber excites fans

TORONTO – Lady Gaga kicked off Sunday’s MuchMusic Video Awards with a performance of “Edge of Glory” – but the show had already received a jolt of star power in the form of teen-pop titan Justin Bieber.

The 17-year-old shocked the frenzied fans lining the show’s red carpet when he arrived in a nondescript SUV. Many of the screaming teens who clogged blocks of downtown Toronto on a warm evening broke into tearful shrieks upon spotting the superstar, who had not been scheduled to appear.

“It’s great to be here with all the fans in my home country,” said Bieber, clad in a pink blazer, white graphic T-shirt and jeans, with a pink scarf hanging from his back pocket.

His girlfriend, Disney actress Selena Gomez, co-hosted the show, and Bieber carried two nominations into the evening. Asked who he was excited to see, he was coy.

“I am most excited to see Selena perform tonight – I like her song, it’s a great song,” he said, before discussing an upcoming acting project he’s developing with Mark Wahlberg.

“I’m really excited because it’s able to demonstrate my athleticism,” he said, before confirming that the project would be “basketball-related.”

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Gaga opened the show while scaling a three-storey fire escape, clad in a glittering, studded leather suit with her hair coloured bright turquoise.

The show also featured its typical onslaught of flashy red-carpet entrances.

Seven-time MMVA winner Avril Lavigne arrived in a lime-green Chevy Camaro SS with fans chanting her name, while Far East Movement rolled onto the carpet in a black hearse.

Perhaps most memorably, Vancouver pop-punk quartet Marianas Trench barrelled down the carpet in clear plastic hamster balls, two members encased in each sphere.

Down With Webster nabbed the award for best pop video and marvelled as they hoisted the trophy – a nearly five-kilogram block of aluminium alloy.

“It’s heavy!” pointed out the band’s MC, Cam Hunter.

Other artists scheduled to perform included seven-time MMVA winner Lavigne, Bruno Mars and Simple Plan – the Montreal pop-punkers who arrived to the show in skimpy pink sweatsuits.

Irish actor Colin Farrell, meanwhile, didn’t need anything elaborate to make an entrance – he rolled up in a plain SUV, clad in jeans and a light denim button-down.

“Toronto’s become a bit of a home away from home for me,” he said during an interview with Much VJ Sarah Taylor.

“This is about my sixth time being here in the last 10 years or so. So I feel very comfortable here.”

Actor Johnny Galecki, star of “Big Bang Theory,” was stunned by the chaos that greeted his arrival.

“It is absolute insanity. It’s crazy here. How many people are there here? The driver tried to tell me there’s a million people here. There’s no way that can be true.”

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