Residents in need of volunteers as waters rise

Despite still being forced from their cottages, residents in Lundar Beach and Sugar Point aren’t giving up fighting to save their lakefront property.

"it’s an untenable amount of water and we are doing our best, the rest is just crossing your fingers," said Claude Grenier, a cottage owner in Lundar beach.

Last week, waves just over six feet high forced dozens of people in the area out in just a matter of minutes.

So far, half a million sandbags have been trucked in to the RM of Coldwell. With only a handful of volunteers this weekend, many bags are still waiting to be put to use.

"We can only be here so much and we can only do so much during the day as it is we’re putting in hours and hours so we need help," said Sharon Jack, who also has a cottage in Lundar Beach.

Local flood officials say Lundar Beach and Sugar Point are in the best position to be saved, if they get help. Right now they don’t have enough and the lake just keeps rising.

"If you say the word desperate it means you’ve given up," said Ed Borchert, the EMO coordinator with the RM of Coldwell. "We have a great need and we need every hand that is willing to come out and help," he said.

Around 100 volunteers are needed every day until at least July. Last week government workers were brought in to help out.

Exhausted property owners know Manitobans have done their part this flood season, but they hope more will step up.

"More people loading pallets, more people hauling pallets, more people putting sandbags into these barrels or in front of these barrels, on creating dikes. It’s all needed," said Grenier.

With the exception of a garage, none of the cottages are damaged. That doesn’t mean residents are out of the woods and they won’t be for a long time.

"When the ice comes and breaks up and it comes in it can sweep these cottages off like you were rolling over trees and all this stuff will disappear," said Brian Sigfusson, the reeve of Coldwell. "The ice will pile on it and there is nothing you can do to stop it."

He said the lake has to be drop by at least two feet for the area to stand a fighting chance next spring.

If you’re able to help, you’re asked to show up anytime between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Lundar Beach campground parking lot with rubber boots and gloves.


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